A bit to explain…

Hi all,

I take an interest in all things rowing, having rowed for a fair few years as both a sculler and sweep oarsmen. My expertise is predominantly in the Junior side of things and this blog is dedicated to precisely that. On here, I’ll be trying my best to give a comprehensive roundup of all the major events throughout the year, as well as providing my own insight into the top end crews and results with previews, reviews and analysis.


I will endeavor to keep my eye on as much as possible but the top crews/boat class will have to take priority i.e. J18 quads, Ch8 etc.. I’m working with limited resources and am mainly fueled by my own enthusiasm so, if I don’t provided a detailed review of the J14 race at Bedford Regatta, please bear with me.


Bear in mind, I’m no certified expert but I do have enthusiasm and experience in the ever fluctuating and diversifying world of rowing and I’ll be attempting to give something back.


I welcome constructive criticism and thoughts and any additional information I’m missing to construct my blogs. Additionally, I’m actively encouraging people to use this site as a brief point of reference for races and don’t want it to become subjective through club bias.


I’m here to help and add my own thoughts in. Please, cynicism isn’t particularly welcome but, if I write something totally disproportionate to reality, please correct me.


Cheers and enjoy.