Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup- St Edwards

2013 Titles- IM1 Eights- Notts City Regatta

Coach- Jonny Singfield

Munch Representatives- Callum Jones, Titus Morley, Oli Knight


St Edwards [Teddies] have become a real force to be reckoned with this year, following a series of impressive results throughout the year. With two international medalists onboard, the crew was strengthened by the addition of Oli Knight at the beginning of this academic year on a scholarship. Oli, who had previously competed for Walton and had raced at both the Junior World Championships and the Coupe de la Jeunesse in a quad, has obviously had a profound impact on a crew that came last in the CH8 final last year. They had a fantastic NSR, claiming the silver medal in both Championship Eights and Coxed Fours and have proved a spanner in the works for the top crews, particularly Hampton. The race for the mantle of top UK crew should prove fascinating.


Jonny Singfield is an ex-GB international and a superb coach. The eight are superbly trained, with a fairly innocuous style that is proven to be lethal. Obviously having three international medalists helps but Hampton have four so the strength in depth at Teddies is superb. Additionally, their stretch of water is not as long as either Abingdon or Hampton and so they have done extremely well to compete.


I think Teddies will be the 2nd fastest crew from the UK, presuming Abingdon continue to improve and do not rest on their laurels, a situation I find highly improbable. Their somewhat unexpected silver medal at NSR will boost their confidence no end and they will no doubt be pushing for a Henley final showdown with potentially Abingdon. A real cracker would be a Hampton-Teddies semi. Look forward to exciting things from this crew.Image