Fawley Challenge Cup- Marlow

2013 Titles- Jun 4x- Fours Head of the River, Jun 4x- Schools Head of the River, J184x- The National Sculling Head, Championship Quads- National Schools Regatta

Coach- Carrie Collerton

Munich Representatives- Sholto Carnegie, Josh Kent, Harry Glenister

Marlow are, on paper, the strongest crew by a mile from the UK this year. Had Seb Devereux not moved to Leander, there would be no need to write this preview. 3 of the guys from the Marlow top quad make up 3 of the 4 spots in the GB junior quad, the top sculling boat. Put them into a crew, give them a top of the range Empacher and high quality coaching and let them train together all year round and what do you get? Multiple national titles, sublime rowing and an exceptionally strong chance of going one step better in the Fawley Cup this year.

The style with which they have taken their opponents on this year is most impressive. To be in last position in the NSR final with 500m gone only to row through an assembled field of the best junior quads in the country and win the event by 3 seconds requires exceptional composure, stamina and boat moving ability; three skills that Marlow possess in abundance. Their convincing win at the Schools Head of the River by 31 seconds over rivals Windsor Boys set the precedent for their year and their titles are just reward for possibly one of the best junior quads we’ve seen.

I have had Marlow down as my favorites for the Fawley since I heard Sholto had moved and you can see why. Westminster might be exceptionally fast out of the start but I really can’t see anyone, unless the Aussies put together an illegitimate international composite boat, getting near Marlow. They will be motivated by their defeat in last years final at the hands of arch rivals, Sir William Borlase and their confidence will be sky high. If they’ve approached these last few weeks with the right attitude and endeavored to improve, as I’m sure they have, then I call them to win it. This weekend should be a key indicator of this.

Next up- Westminster