Fawley Entries

So, the entries have been released for the Fawley Challenge Cup 2013 and there a few surprises in store. Personally, I was expecting a large number of foreign crews this year but, surprisingly enough, there are only 2, Tigre Boat Club from Argentina who have raced at the Fawley before and Hilversumse Roeivereniging Cornelis Tromp from Holland. Tigre raced at Marlow and came third in a very tight J184x- B division final. I don’t really gave too much to go off on the boat from Holland but I suspect they’ll be fast.

57 entries is one of the largest in the regatta and easily surpasses the entry list for 2012, which came to a measly 41 boats. However thee lack of foreign competitors makes this, in my opinion, a British affair. My predictions for the 8 seeded crews are as follows:

Marlow A

Westminster A

Windsor Boys

Sir William Borlase



Hilversumse Roeivereniging Cornelis



My predictions for the other 8 pre-qualifiers are as follows:




Kings School Worcester

Star And Arrow

Lea RC A


Molesey A/Tideway Scullers A

Once I found out who has pre-qualified, I will do another predicting qualifiers.

The photo was taken from: http://www.hrr.co.uk/results/photos/2012/sunday/Image