Princess Elizabeth Entries

The entries are out for one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the regatta. There is an unusually low entry number for the PE this year, with only 33 entries going into 32 crews racing in the regatta proper. I already feel for the one crew that does not qualify. There is also limited foreign interest this year, as in the Fawley, but the foreign crews that are there are likely to be of a very high standard. The German crew, Poelchau Oberschule,, from Berlin are likely to be made up of the guys who came in second and fourth behind GB in Munich. This could prove tasty opposition for Abingdon and the top GB crews. In addition to this, Scotch College from Australia, who semi-finaled last year, are also back for another shot. A crew from Scotch College, Adelaide came 4th at the Southern Australian championships but I believe that this crew were different from the ones racing at HRR. I’ve been told that this Scotch College won the Australian National Championships. Should be a good match up between the UK national championships and the Australians. We shall have to see. Additionally Boston College High School have made the trip from stateside and, although I couldn’t find anything on them, I’m sure they’ll be challenging.

My predictions for selected crews are:

Abingdon School

Hampton School

St Edwards School

Poelchau Oberschule, Germany

Scotch College, Australia

Boston College High School, U.S.A.

St Pauls School


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  • Anonymous

    Great Blog – keep it up. But you have the wrong Scotch in the text – you are referring to Scotch Adelaide. The crew coming to Henley is all from Scotch College, Melbourne who semi-finalled in 2012 at Henley and won the Australian Championships this year. The photo is of a Scotch Melbourne crew from several years ago.