Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls- Latymer Upper

2013 Titles- 1st place in W Jun 4x- at Fours Head of the River- 1st place in WJun4x, SHORR- WJ184x, Wallingford Regatta

Coach- Hugo Gulliver

Latymer have been a force in WJ sculling for a number of years now and they consistently turn out crews of a very high standard. This years quad have dominated the Head season, winning at the Fours Head and SHORR as well as recording a win at Wallingford Regatta. However they started last years season in similar fashion and ended up being dumped unceremoniously out of HRR in the first round by Sir William Borlase, courtesy of that monster crab in the enclosures.

However, Latymer are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with and the crew last year is completely the same as this years crew, albeit subject to some positional changes. They have a very clean, effective sculling style and that caught my eye at Wallingford. However their defeat in the final of NSR to Gloucester Hartpury will not have filled them with confidence for HRR. They chose to race at Senior level at HWR, making the semi-final before losing to Wallingford by around 2 lengths. Their time was comparable to Gloucester and this should make for a fascinating match up in the latter stages of the competition.

Apologies for using this photo, it just was one hell of a crab that unfortunately spoiled a fantastic race!


The photo is taken from http://intersport-images.photoshelter.com/image/I0000Ds8rBw0Bu38