The Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls

I will admit, I’m a guy and, as a result, I’m not 100% familiar with Junior Women’s rowing. But, in the interest of political correctness and the aversion of the label ‘sexist’, I will try my best to cover this as best I can. There seems, to me, to be three main contenders for this event and these are Latymer Upper, Gloucester Hartpury and Headington School. The quality of the foreign crews are unknown and so I’ll focus on these three.

The proximity of these crews to each other should make for some excellent racing through the regatta. The event seems to be increasing in popularity, with 21 entries into this years regatta as opposed to 15 last year. The event is hotly contested from the off as 21 are squeezed into eight. The stewards have already pre-qualified the three crews I’ve already mentioned along with Eton Excelsior but I’m still going for a fight between those three. 

With the holders, Henley Rowing Club, choosing not to field a quad this year, the battle for the title is an open one. I will be doing individual previews of each of the top 3, starting with Latymer.


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