Fawley Challenge Cup Qualifiers- Review

So, my rate of accuracy was under scrutiny yesterday as the qualifiers for the Fawley Cup were revealed. I got 9 out of 13 correct but a few really took me by surprise! Here was my original list:

Claire’s Court

Henley Rowing Club

Lea Rowing Club ‘A

Marlow Rowing Club ‘B

Molesey Boat Club ‘A’

Newark Rowing Club

Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

Star and Arrow Club

Star Club ‘A

The King’s School, Worcester

Tideway Scullers A

York City Rowing Club ‘A’

Westminster School ‘B’

And here is the actual list:

Claire’s Court A

Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club

Doncaster Rowing Club

Lea Rowing Club

Marlow Rowing Club B

Newark Rowing Club

Radley College

Royal Grammar school, High Wycombe

Star Club A

The Tideway Scullers School A

Westminster B

Weybridge Rowing Club

York City Rowing Club A


A few definitely took me by surprise but this is what makes the qualifying races so unpredictable! Still 9 out of 13 isn’t too bad! The draw is out at 3pm today and so I’ll review each drawn race later!


This photo is taken from: http://www.hrrphoto.co.uk/index.php?group=HENLEY%20ROYAL%20REGATTA&ryear=2013&rdate=&rday=&rhour=&rkeyword=&rcup=THE%20FAWLEY%20CHALLENGE%20CUP&rrace=&offset=90&limit=30Image