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A 2k regatta in October?! Ridiculous, some may say but, for all rowing neutrals, it gives us an early chance to see the standard of competition in Junior world. The GB rowing team are out in force this weekend, competing in O2x, O4x, O4- and O8+ among others as well as the equivalent women events. It should be a fantastic weekend of high caliber racing but my focus is upon the, somewhat limited, junior events or U19. I’ll preview the only two events I can here….


This is only going to the formidable combination of Sholto Carnegie and Seb Devereux from Leander. These two, although no longer juniors in the eyes of British Rowing, raced at the Junior World Championships this summer, placing 5th in the double scull. I would put a substantial bet on these two taking the win. The other crew to take note of, in my opinion, is the White twins from The Windsor Boys School. These guys won the Reading Small Boats Head by 30 seconds and are always a decent double. However this event is only going to be won by Leander.


Another small entry but we get to see Sir William Borlase in action for the first time this year. I tipped these guys for success this year and this line-up looks strong, with two of last years HRR finalist quad in the boat. The most interesting name, however, is Fraser Russell. This lad rowed for Marlow until last year, in the ‘B’ quad for HRR and the silver medalist J164x at NSR. It appears that, in pursuit of glory, he has switched clubs to SWB. This will only strengthen the SWB assault and I fancy them to open the 2013/2014 season with a win. Close on their tail will be Northwich and Evesham. Both rowed at HRR last year, making the Thursday. Northwich are racing in the exact same line-up as last year while Evesham have introduced the precocious talents of their J164x with Liam Tustin. I can see it being close between these two but I think Northwich will claim 2nd place. The Gloucester composite will also be quick, containing a few of the guys who won a bronze medal in OJ4x at Brit Champs in July. SWB for the win followed by Northwich then Evesham.


A quick word on the Pairs Head at the weekend. Pretty strong accuracy on my predictions, with three of the five winning crews [J182x, WJ182x, WJ182-] as I predicted. A fourth was the right club but wrong crew [J182-]. Some good results, particularly Cam Kerr and Sam Meijer from Westminster. They won J182x by 17 seconds and recorded the fourth fastest time of the day, an extraordinary feat for a junior crew! Bill Mason at work once again… St Pauls look strong this year, with the top 4 pairs all from them.

Additionally, a Marlow contingent traveled down to Bedford SBH. These boys were not the top scullers at the club but were still fairly strong i.e. Moran, Treasure, Crossley. However the message coming out of Bedford was the speed of Star, who absolutely dominated the junior events albeit against limited competition. Their top J184x, under the name of White, won the event by a clear 16 seconds and recorded the fastest time of the day [6:23]. Star also notched up wins in J182x [7:26] and J181x [White in 7:34]. The strength of Star will certainly be one to watch and Fours Head should be the first real indication of speed against the other clubs.

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  • dave

    who won british championships?

    • Northwich won the U19 quad pennant and Leander won the U19 double pennant.

  • As someone who’s obviously very interested in junior rowing (and who has mentioned star club a couple of times) you may like to check out our website.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look.


  • callum

    To reveal*

  • callum

    PS I heard your a lightweight senior or u23 am I right?

    • Pray tell where you heard that from?

      • callum

        Oh I won’t say publicly. It wouldnt be fair you reveal the mastermind behind these previews and reviews.

        • That’s kind of you but I’m actually not either of the things you mentioned. I’m a current junior, as stated on my website! If you have anything you wish me to have a look at or any events you want me to preview, just let me know!

  • callum

    Evesham have 3 top guys
    1. Liam Tustin. Coupe champion and a silver medalist.
    2. Matthew Newman national champion and nat schools silver medalist.
    3. James Mackins silver medalist at national champs in a strong final in the 1x .

    And you’ve tipped Northwich to beat them, I fail to see how you came to that conclusion good sir. I’m looking forward to a good old dog fight between the surviving members of the Evesham and Borlase(+ marlow) quads from last season.

    Considering that Chris Lawrie isn’t there to be the driving force behind the Borlase assault I expect Evesham to take the fight to them instead.

    Both boats have experised veterans that have seen their share of the conflicts in the past season so it should be interesting between the two crews.

    • I appreciate your feedback and thank you for providing me with that information as I was not aware that Newman was a national champion. In what boat class, may I ask? Tustin was a winner at the Coupe in an eight so I didn’t see that as strictly necessary information. Mackins, Staite, and Newman are all J17 and their quad last year really wasn’t that strong, coming 5th at NSR. Perhaps they deserve a tip above Northwich, but Northwich are a well drilled, experienced crew who were also National silver medalists last year racing up a year. I look forward to a cracking race but I feel Borlase will be too strong for both. Chris Lawrie is a fantastic sculler but Hugo Coussens and Rufus Biggs are no dead weights. Plus the addition of Fraser Russell, a talented sculler in his own right, will have a powerful effect on an already stacked SWB quad. We can have another chat after this weekend, please do get back to me!