Fullers Fours Head of the River 2013- Junior Women’s Quads Preview

Apologies for the delay in this preview, I’ve had some technical issues and therefore haven’t been able to access my blog. Nevertheless, here is the 2nd part of my preview of the Fours Head of the River 2013, focusing on the main contenders for Junior Women’s Quads.


Leading the division out are Latymer. With no returners from last years HRR winning boat, one would expect Latymer to struggle this year. However, they have started the year strongly, winning the WJ184x and Henley LDS and claiming 1st place in WJ181x at the Scullers Head. Following the change in Head Coach, there will have been some adjustments to the style and training regime from last but, thus far, the implemented changes appear positive. Georgia Hellard Timm has arguably been the stand-out sculler for Latymer thus far, taking the WJ181x prize at Scullers Head and she will be stroking the boat at HOR4. I expect Latymer to be in the top 5.

Sir William Borlase

Always one to produce a top end quad, these girls will be looking to replicate the SWB heritage by putting down a marker next weekend. With one returner from the boat last year, in the form of Becca Taylor, these girls will be looking for top 5. However, it seems like a few of the top girls have moved into the WJ4+ for Fours Head and so I’m unsure as to which boat is the priority for Robin Dowell. It will be interesting to see whether SWB can push onto Latymer.

Eton Excelsior

Three returners from the semi finalist boat at HRR and I have to admit that these girls are fast becoming one of my favourites to take the title this year. Their devastating margin of victory at Pairs Head, by over 16 seconds, reinforced their strength and I fancy them to have a shot at taking this. G. Hatfield won WJ181x at Hampton SBH last weekend while E. Moores took the WJ171x prize. Consistency for you… I think these guys have an excellent chance of going for the win next weekend and I anticipate them finishing in the top 3.

Henley RC

This boat is, I believe, mainly J16 and looking to follow in the footsteps of the inaugural winners of the Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls at HRR in 2012, the Henley quad. Their win at Henley LDS was remarkable as not only did they their event by 31 seconds, but they also beat the time of the winning WJ184x from Latymer by 21 seconds. This boat is the same one that won WJ154X+ at NSR last year so they’ve still got a decent way to go. Can you imagine if they won next weekend? Certainly set the cat among the pigeons, that would… I’m a big fan of these girls and the manner in which they dominated their category last year. I’m anticipating that they will replicate that superb Marlow WJ164X from last year and HOR4 will be a good indication of this. I’m going to be bold, have faith and say these girls will finish top 5.


Another Thames Valley rowing hub, whose juniors have been pace-setting for the rest of the country for a few years now. The same boat that dominated WJ16 sculling last year, ending up as 2x and 4x National champions at NSR, these girls are stepping up to play now. Having suffered the disappointment of not qualifying for HRR, they will be looking to lay down an early marker. The girls raced at Hampton SBH and picked up some promising results, coming 2nd and 3rd in WJ171x while coming in 2nd in WJ181x. Had it not been for the domination of Eton Excelsior, these girls, who will not be used to defeat, would have made a sweep of those events. As it were, they won WJ182- at Hampton SBH and Pairs Head and also picked up the WJ182x prize at Hampton, beating Eton Excelsior. Looks to be a quality showdown between Eton Excelsior and Marlow, both of whom will be in the top 3.

Honourable mentions go to  Tideway Scullers, who have picked up some decent results in smaller boats this season, Kingston Grammar School, who qualified for HRR last year and have 1 returner, Headington, whose dominance in Junior Rowing is better known in WCH8+ but they usually produce a very good quad too, Walton, who have put the formidable Giambrone twins in with some more experienced girls and Nottingham, who, when they enter, are usually superb, especially when Olivia Duckworth races.


So, there you have it. I’ll be doing previews of the Junior 4+ and Junior Women 4+ in the next 48 hours.


This photo was taken from: http://www.hor4s.org.uk/2012winners.htm