Head of the Trent 2014- J16 Predictions

J16 8+
1.Reading Blue Coat
4.St Peters

WJ16 8+
1. Kings Chester
2. LEH
3. Yarm

J16 4x
1. Windsor Boys (Oliver)
2. Burton Leander
3. Windsor Boys (Walker)
4. Yarm

  • Charlotte

    The WJ16 8+ from LEH was their J15 crew

  • Wilf

    King’s Chester entered their J16s into IM3

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      If that is true, this looks like it is going to be a huge year for Kings Chester!


  • Dom

    So looking further ahead do you think that this quad should medal at national schools, or have other clubs got some strong J16 4x- that you know of?

    • I believe they can as they did last year, but I think other stronger quads have built since then. Gold however looks so far to be going to Maidenhead but we will have to see closer the time and it’s definitely one of the races I plan to focus on.

  • Dom

    For the J16 4x race, what has made you pick that particular order. Is it based off past results or gut instinct just from the clubs themselves?

    • Hi Dom,
      The order is based on experience of me racing them and where they came in recent big competitions. I felt that Windsor should go top as their main man Harry Oliver came 2nd at the recent GB J16 Trials and I believe he came 2nd at Thames Valley Trial Head. Racing against them, they move the boat very quickly and I doubt anyone will beat them, but I maybe wrong after all!