Hammersmith Head 2014- J16 Preview

Really looking forward to seeing the results of this one as the J16 eight looks as if it’s going to be a cracker!

J16 8+
This is naturally a very very hard race to predict as there are quite a few good crews that could easily take the win. However, the two big crews are St Paul’s and London Oratory. The recent results of Quintin Head would suggest that London Oratory should take this, but I do know for a fact that St Paul’s have some big 5k times. Three members of the crew are sub 18:10, two of them being sub 18:00 minutes. However, London Oratory have pretty much always beaten St Paul’s with the exception of last years Schools Head. For that reason I’m going to hand this one to London Oratory, with St Paul’s in second and Hampton in third place.

WJ16 8+
Unfortunately, only two entries this year, and not a hard choice either. I will be incredibly surprised and impressed if Putney beat LEH because the odds are seriously against them. LEH are Nat Schools bronze medalists and they are very unlikely to be beaten. Will be interesting to see where these crews wind up compared to the J18s.

J16 4x
Two crews here who could possibly win, it’s definitely going to be between Henley and Tiffin, which is from what I understand a grudge match. A long line of history between the two since back in J14. I’m going to say that Tiffin are probably going to take this one, especially after the Boston J16 trials two weeks ago. However, from what I understand, Tiffin haven’t competed as their quad so far this year so it would be understandable if Henley win. I think Tideway will probably take 3rd place based on last years results, but I do believe that the crew may have changed since then.

WJ16 4x
Obviously, I think that Henley will win this. They are by far the top crew, and in my opinion, could come out as the fastest Junior Women’s quad. Behind them, I think KGS or Latymer will take 2nd, but I am swinging more towards Latymer. I know Latymer did once have a very fast quad last year. So I think Henley, Latymer, KGS.