Hammersmith Head J16 8+ Results 2014

Provisional results in order-


1st. St Pauls School

2nd. London Oratory

3rd. Bedford Modern

4th. Radley College

5th. Kings College School

6th. St Pauls School [2]

7th. Reading Blue Coat School

8th. Abingdon School

9th. St Pauls School [3]

10th. London Oratory School [2]

11th. Whitgift School

12th. Shiplake College

13th. Reading Blue Coat School [2]

14th. Abingdon School [2]

15th. Dulwich College



  • Harry

    Will there be a full review of these results at some point? And would you mind telling us when the School’s Head predictions will be uploaded? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for your feedback. As for a review, I’m happy to do it here. St Pauls and Oratory performed as expected as they are two very strong crews in the J16 arena. St Pauls have a wonderful foundation to build upon over the next few years and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them establish something of a stranglehold over top end junior rowing- similar to that of Abingdon.

      The performance of BMS was one that definitely did impress me. They had a pretty strong J15 VIII last year and it looks like they’ve stepped on. When summer swings around, I’ll be interested to see how they get on. I believe four of their lads had a crack at the Fawley Cup last year [Did not qualify] so they are obviously a talented bunch.

      Schools Head predictions will be uploaded as soon as possible after the release of the draw! My estimate is within the next week and a half.

      Hope this helps!


      • Turbointhe5

        LOS were timed at 9 seconds behind Pauls – this was incorrect as they gained two lengths on the Pauls third eight but the results only show LOS beating them by one second. This implies SHORR will be very close this year as LOS are the only crew to have beaten Westminster this year.

    • And as it so happens, the entry list was published as we spoke!

      At the moment, it is not in a very accessible format so, when I sort it, I’ll look to publish previews.