Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2014- J174x Preview

A brief preview written by guest contributor Dora.

Quite a small turn out for the J17 4x compared to the other categories but, nevertheless, don’t mistake quantity with quality! The three main crews to look out for are Marlow RC, Claires Court and Molesey BC. Marlow have lost Fraser Russell but still performed well at the HOR4, placing fourth. Alex Haynes recently won GB Trials in a double with Scott Ozsanlav Harris and this Marlow crew are arguably favourites to take the win. Claire’s Court have a strong contingent of J17’s, having made multiple national finals at J16 and a race at Henley on the Wednesday. Marlow and Claire’s Court are in a strong position to fight it out for the medal positions. Additionally with all these three crews taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the J16 4x Kingston Cup last summer, they will want to  re-assert themselves as the top crews.

Crews from Westminster, Star and Norwich also pose a moderate threat but I doubt enough to challenge for the medal positions.  Westminster’s top boys will be seated in their J18 quad and their J16 quad last year was nothing too special although they did have 8 exceptional J15’s who won J15 CH8 and J15 4X+ at NSR. Star had a good set of J16’s last year but Will White will be racing up a year and this leaves their J17’s short. 


This photo was taken from- https://twitter.com/oarsport