Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2014 – J16 Preview


This is going to be an absolutely brilliant event, I quite genuinely believe that this event could give us the best idea as to who is the fastest J16 Quad. In the Boys event, a long awaited race between Westminster and Maidenhead. In the Girls event, it’s time to see if anyone is yet capable of challenging Henley.

J16 4x
I have been waiting for this race for a long long time. Westminster last year took first place at NSR with Maidenhead about a length behind. The year before that Maidenhead were the victors. However I reckon this year, Maidenhead will come out on top.

Maidenhead have shown good pedigree this year, and to my knowledge (when having a full crew) gone unbeaten this season. As far as I am aware the same goes for Westminster. But I think that Maidenhead will take this one based on their results at the Hampton Small Boats Head. All 4 crew members were in the top 10, a very impressive accomplishment. I’m still going to hold out and say that Windsor Boys will take 3rd with Henley 4th and Tiffin just behind. Will definitely be rushing to see the result of this (if they come out on time this year).

WJ16 4x
Henley are obviously the clear favorites for the event. An immaculate and impressive crew. They appear to have a fairly perfect balance between technique, fitness and strength. However, the overwhelming factor is how well they gel together as a crew, something that the coaches down at Henley Rowing Club have done very well at developing.

In my eyes, Headington are the only crew who realistically could take 2nd place, as for the absence of last years other top crews. I feel it’s unlikely anyone else is likely to take 2nd place however, I’m always open to information, so if anyone thinks differently please let me know.

Good luck to all the crews!

  • geoff

    hey guys, any chance of a SHORR preview? lots to look at there

    • Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for your feedback. SHORR previews will be staggered and coming out this week.


  • Freddie

    thanks a lot guys

  • Freddie

    really interesting result but quite unredictable so still well done, would you guys possibly be able to do a preview on Kingston head as its the last race for crews to finetune before SHORR

    • Hi Freddie,

      Thanks for your feedback. I have to admit, we thought Maidenhead were nailed on to take this. Really spices things up for the summer!

      We’d be happy to take a look at Kingston for you. We’ll release something as soon as possible.