Schools Head of the River – J16CH8+s Preview

Hi, for the J16 I’m going to do the CH8+ events and then do the J161st eights after this weekends Kingston Head of the River (preview for that coming tomorrow) because a lot of the J161st 8+ are racing.

J16 CH8+
A very strong event, however I think that Westminster are likely to take first. I feel that Westminster are now in a very strong position after last weeks Scullery. To have two quads that make up their 8 in the top 5 is an impressive feat, and I think they definitely deserve the title of ‘Favorites’. They have a very good combination of power and technique making them very very fast on the water, and I feel it is quite unlikely for anyone to beat them. Second place is likely to be Shrewsbury although it could also be taken by St Paul’s or London Oratory. These three crews should however take up the rest of the top 4 and I think Hampton or KGS just behind. KGS are new to the championship scene since moving up this year from 1st after dominating last year. Eton could also do quite well, but we haven’t seen much of them so far this year.

WJ16 CH8+
Another strong event. Very likely that Kings Chester will take the top spot. A very strong crew with a lot of potential. They recently won at Wallingford Head which had some top quality eight. After last years domination taking SHORR and NSR they are clear favorite and expect them once again to destroy this event. St Paul’s Girls could do quite well also if they really push themselves and the same for St Edwards. Will be interesting to see the result for this one.

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