Schools Head of the River – J16 CH8+ Review

Hats off to Westminster, I was sure they were going to do it! I believe they were just 1 second off the record. Westminster did just as I expected and did it well. Also very well rowed by Kings Chester. I did think they had potential after Wallingford Head. Also, I must eat my words, a special congratulations to Sir William Borlase Schools, I honestly did not expect that from them. I have received emails saying that Shrewsbury were missing 3 members of the crew, which would explain the poor result. I think they could take 2nd or 3rd at NSR. However they are going to have a serious job getting back into the medals. Something St Paul’s also struggled with last week. I did expect them to do far better, however it isn’t uncommon for crews not to be ready until NSR. 50 days left now!