Wallingford Regatta 2014 Preview- J182x and WJ182x

A quick prediction set on the junior doubles.


It is notoriously hard to predict doubles as I am unaware of the crew line-up and whether each school has put their top athletes in the crew. For Heat A, I can see the Westminster crew being quick. Although it probably won’t be their top athletes, it’ll still be a fast crew which could contain the likes of Nicholas Plaut or Rufus Dobson. Expect Star & Arrow to be fast, especially if this is their top athletes. They can move small boats very quickly and so don’t be surprised to see them up there. Heat B sees Marlow take to the water- I fancy them to take this one if this boat contains Alex Haynes. I know Borlase are boating two of their weaker J18 athletes so don’t expect too much from them. Windsor Boys could be the White twins and, if so, I expect them to be up there and certainly making the final. WBS are not racing the quad so there is the possibility that it is their top athletes. Walton usually put out a good double, with the stand out combination Matt Georgiou and Lee Mount. Northwich could also boat an excellent double and will be looking to retain their prize, having won it last year. However, they are also racing the quad and so I can see this being some of their younger athletes i.e. Leon Langmead, Harry Blake.

My call for the win is a hard one. I feel it is between Marlow, Walton and Star & Arrow A. This is still dependant on the quality of athletes so watch this race carefully.


Heat A sees a few strong entries. BGS are involved and will undoubtedly be strong. However Tideway Scullers are boating a double and, seeing as they are not racing a junior quad, this may be their top athletes. They’ve had some good results in small boats this season, particularly at Hampton SBH. The Wallingford crew is an interesting one; these girls had a dominant WJ16 quad two years ago but they seemed to vanish off the radar a little last year. Will this mark their return? Heat B sees a battle between Latymer, KGS and Surbiton. Latymer are racing the quad so I’m not sure that this will be their top girls. However, they have a pretty strong second crew so I don’t think these girls will be slow. KGS are racing a WJ16 quad but their J18’s are strong. Surbiton had a great race at SHORR but have chosen not to boat a quad so this may be a strong line-up for them.

My call for the win is between BGS, Tideway Scullers and Surbiton. Too hard to call as I have very little information.

Good luck to all competitors!

This photo was taken from- http://www.vestarowing.co.uk/two-wins-at-wallingford-regatta-344