Wallingford Regatta 2014 Preview – J16 Events

Hello, sorry for the late post, very busy time at the moment, what with revision and preparation for NSR!

J16 8+

Crews to make the final:

  • Westminster
  • Kings Chester
  • Sir William Borlase
  • St Paul’s (but possibly Shrewsbury)
  • Hampton
  • Eton

Now, this is all based on who I believe will come first and second in Heats A, B and C. Westminster should definitely win Heat A as they are on top form. Kings Chester are likely to take second ahead of London Oratory. I have had emails telling me that London Oratory have improved a lot and are looking ‘really strong’, however they were nearly 20 seconds off Kings Chester at SHORR and that is a long distance to make up in just over a month. This Heat A could also give us a really good insight into who is likely to take the final. Heat B should be won by SWB as they have proven their strength even against the full Shrewsbury crew. 2nd will either go to St. Paul’s or Shrewsbury. This will be a close race, although, they will have to look out for the Hampton ‘B’ crew who showed outstanding pace at SHORR. Heat C is probably going to be the slowest of the heats. Hampton will take first with Eton maybe 2 lengths behind. I do feel it’s quite likely that Eton will qualify with a slower time than a few non qualifiers and will most probably earn themselves the ‘worst’ lane.

In the final, the result will probably either be the same or similar to that of the results at SHORR. 1st should go to Westminster. 2nd should go to Kings Chester. 3rd will probably go to Sir William Borlase. Kings Chester and SWB could end up switching though, but definitely Westminster for the win.

J16 4x

Crews to make the final:

  • Westminster
  • Henley
  • RGS High Wycombe
  • Windsor Boys
  • Burton Leander
  • Molesey (or possibly Marlow)

Heat A should be won by Westminster and then Henley and RGS High Wycombe. Westminster probably won’t go full speed in the heat due to previous races in the eight, but this should still be enough for a win. Henley had a very good performance at JIRR last week and I reckon the good morale from that race will carry over. RGSHW haven’t raced as much in their quad but it was very good at Thames Valley Trial Head being not far off of Maidenhead and Windsor Boys. In Heat B, Windsor Boys are probably going to win as they have proven very fast at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head. Burton Leander had an average performance last week at JIRR but have some big guys with big potential and so should take 2nd. Molesey or Marlow will take 3rd and it could be very close. Unfortunately Molesey rarely race so its hard to predict how well they’ll do.

In the final, Westminster should win. They are down as my favorites and I think they are unlikely to be beaten. Windsor Boys will most likely take 2nd and then 3rd will either go to Henley or RGSHW.

WJ16 4x

Final only race here unfortunately. Henley are strong favorites after last weekends performance. They are still strong after last season and have done well to maintain their high standards. Headington School came second last year at NSR and they look like they could still be in contention. In terms of who takes third, it could go to anyone. KGS have an average quad although I believe St. Neots also have potential. They were very high up in the qualifying time trials last year at NSR and do look to be at a high standard. It is really unfortunate that there is no Heats for the event as its left me with very little to write. Very sorry.

Good Luck to all competitors this weekend.