JIRR – WJ16 4+ Review

After high demand, I felt I had to do a review of this. Sorry that its so late but I have been ridiculously busy with revision, something that is likely to be an issue for the next few weeks!

This was a very competitive final with QEHS, Bedford Girls School and LEH taking the medals. QEHS were the fastest qualifiers, therefore taking lane 1 giving them a great advantage over the other crews. And they used it well, getting 4.1 seconds ahead of the field with 500m to go. QEHS gave up their positions in the quad this season to move into the four and it looks to have paid off, winning the event by just over 5 and half seconds. This is not only setting them up as favorites for NSR, but possibly also GB France Selection. Bedford Girls also did very well and I most definitely did not expect them to medal, so congratulations to them. They did very well to beat LEH by 10 seconds. I have rowed with some of the LEH girls before and they are very good. However I did always believe that they were better scullers, but they have proved themselves as sweep rowers. Well done to all those who competed.

  • Smitho

    So uh, you gonna do the j16 8s? It’s just that I was at the opticians and I couldn’t be there.