National Schools 2014- Championship Girls’ Singles Preview

The preview…

Katherine Maitland [Eton Excelsior RC]

It has been a while since we’ve seen anything from Eton Excelsior but I’m personally looking forward to their return. Katherine Maitland is one of their most talented scullers and she’ll be a strong competitor at the weekend. Eton Excelsior haven’t raced since HOR4 except in smaller boats and Katherine has won the Silver Sculls and at the Thames Valley Trial Head in a single. Their return to the big stage will surely shake things up and I anticipate Katherine making the final. She’s a strong athlete and is capable of pushing onto the top scullers in the event.

Rosalind Wilson [Marlow RC]

Another very talented sculler who is arguably the fastest from her WJ17 quad. She’s been performing well through the season, coming second at Feb GB Trials before recording the fastest time of the day at the OJSH in her quad. She is another product of the excellent system down at Marlow Rowing Club although she didn’t race in Munich and will be looking to prove a point in the scull on Saturday. Her ability is there and I’ve seen some good performances from her at the smaller races- can she pull it together on the big stage? I think she’ll make the final.

Corinne Larkworthy [Bedford RC]

Fresh off the back of her win in WJ181x at Wallingford Regatta, Corinne will be looking to push herself into the medals. It seems obvious to me that she is carrying the junior squad at Bedford RC forward albeit there is fresh development happening down there and her performance on Saturday will be key to putting Bedford back on the junior map. Her pedigree is in the smaller boats and her speed in the single is right on form at the moment- I can see her pushing on into a medal position.

Anna Thornton [Nottingham RC]

A superb oarswoman who is currently training with the high development squad in Nottingham to great effect. The fantastic junior squad down at Nottingham produce class athletes year upon year and Anna is the pinnacle of this. She has won both sets of large scale GB Trials this year and competed in the women’s junior quad at Munich a few weeks ago. Her titles stretch into the distance- she has been involved with a number of successes alongside the woman’s squad although she pulled out of WJ161x last year to leave the title for her team-mates. She’s still only 17 but she’s my favourite to take the title at this event- her ability is unparalleled in this event.

My prediction for the final- Katherine Maitland, Rosalind Wilson, Corinne Larkworthy, Anna Thornton, Natasha Harris-White, Jess Downing

My prediction for the win- Anna Thornton

Good luck to all competitors!

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