National Schools Regatta 2014 – J164x Preview


The quad has always been one of my favourite events as to be fast: speed, technique and style are all required. Now, arguments can be had over this event as to who will win as the results this year have been ridiculously varied. In my opinion there are now four possible winners: RGS High WycombeWallingfordClaire’s Court and Windsor Boy’s. These four crews have hit highs and lows throughout the season, but with the absence of their main rivals, Westminster, it’s time for them to step into the lime light. I still believe that Windsor Boy’s are the strongest crew, but their result at Wallingford Regatta disproves it. They do have strength required but I’m not how well they settle into their rhythm. Their finish also is quite weak, possibly the reason they missed out on the silver last year. However, this is not the case in the Claire’s Court Crew. At 1000m (at Wallingford Regatta) they were four seconds down on the front runners but were within a second of Gold at the finish line. The crew are relatively new to me, but have impressed me so far. The same is apparent to Wallingford. They have some strong guys in their stern but have only really hit the front in the last few weeks. I wish I could get hold of the full set of splits from Wallingford Regatta as it will be interesting to see how they moved in the race. RGS High Wycombe are also fairly new but picked up some good results at the early on in the season, especially at Thames Valley Trial Head. They had a fast double who were moved into the quad this season and they appear to be moving fast. I believe they are definitely in contention for a medal.