National Schools Regatta 2014 – J16 Championship Eights Preview



There is no time trials for this event and so the first 3 from each Semi-final qualify for the final. Therefore, the fastest 6 don’t always make the final. I think personally that both semis are quite balanced in terms of quality so it is likely that the 6 most deserving crews should make the final. Now, every crew racing in this category did race at Wallingford but the results were strange, with strong winds affecting times drastically. 

Semi Final 1 Draw

  1. London Oratory School
  2. Radley College
  3. Westminster School
  4. Hampton School
  5. Shrewsbury School

Who I think will qualify:

  • Westminster School
  • Hampton School
  • Radley College / London Oratory School

At Wallingford, Westminster, Hampton and Radley all made the final and so they probably should do the same at NSR. No crews will have made any drastic changes, especially not two weeks before this. However, I was sent a link to a Youtube video of London Oratory at Wallingford and the person who sent in the video thought they might have something wrong with their equipment as they were struggling to stay in lane. To me, it looked like the cox was being very vicious with the rudder, however their time was exceptionally slow so I am willing to consider the fact. However I feel that the standard has moved on this year and they are no longer in contention to make the final. I unfortunately feel, Shrewsbury are past it, as with LOS the standard this year has raised and they’ve just stayed on the same level.

Semi Final 2 Draw

  1. Eton College
  2. Kings School Chester
  3. St. Paul’s School
  4. Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School
  5. Abingdon School

Who I think will qualify:

  • St. Paul’s School
  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School
  • Kings School Chester

Eton and Abingdon just don’t have the pace to keep up with these three big guns. St. Paul’s managed to come through and beat Westminster at Wallingford and led the boys in pink from start to finish. SWB narrowly missed out on a medal spot at Wallingford and were led by a strong Hampton crew. SWB, however have done extremely well to come from being medalists in 1st eights last year, and now having medal potential in Championship eights. This is something that many crews have failed to do this year and so have returned to the 1st eights category. Kings Chester definitely should qualify but will probably do so about 10-15 seconds behind St. Paul’s, although this will depend on how much of a lead they have on the rest of the field.

Predictions for the final


  • Westminster
  • St. Paul’s
  • Sir William Borlase

Westminster and St. Paul’s should almost definitely walk away with the Gold and Silver, unless there is an injury or illness among the boats. Sir William Borlase have been put in italics because I think they have the potential to do so, but if they do they will be sneaking one. In order to secure this medal they have got to improve the start of their race. If not Hampton will take bronze, because they get a huge advantage out of being up to half a length up at the 500m. If SWB do sneak that medal there is going to less than 2 seconds between them and 4th place.



  • Shrews

    ‘Past it’ – we got bronze

  • Dietrich

    Hi, will you be doing a j16 4+ or 4- review?

    • Hi Rory,

      Thanks for your feedback. The 4- is definite as there is a lot of entries. 4+ will be done if possible but really depends on how much I get done tonight.


  • John

    Any chance of a Champ 2nd 8s preview? Cheers.
    Nice previews by the way, i really enjoy them 🙂

    • Hi Angus,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll be looking to publish 2nd Eights as soon as possible.


  • Bruceyboy

    HI, Could you do a 16 pairs preview. Thanks!

    • Hi Bruno
      Thanks for your feedback. The J16 Pairs preview has already been written but we are waiting for the female equivalent before posting.

      Should be online either tomorrow or Friday.


  • Good preview, but FYI, as ‘the cox’ (LOS), our Canard fin did cause quite a few issues. It came loose and sat at an angle throughout the race. I was steering quite aggressively to make up for it, as I obviously had no clue what was happening. Just more info 😉

    • billy

      hah lol :0