National Schools Regatta 2014 – J164- Preview


The coxless fours this year are predominantly made of combinations from the eights. Therefore races will be fast, competitive and tough. The only real indications for this race are: Wallingford Regatta and JIRR. So my crews to qualify this year:

  • Westminster
  • Eton
  • Kings Chester
  • Kings Canterbury
  • Kingston RC

The first three are our ‘Wallingfords’ and the rest had impressive results at JIRR. Westminster were down at 1000m with Eton just under a second up. Kings Chester stayed back throughout and were 7 seconds off the pace at the finish. From this we can take that Eton have a good middle 1000m while I expect Westminster are good finishers, similar to that of the Kiwi Pair. At JIRR, Kings Canterbury and Kingston were at each others necks all the way through with Kings Canterbury having quite a fast start. You could compare these two to Hampton and Sir William Borlase in the J16Ch8+, Hampton being Kings and Borlase being Kingston. If Kingston can improve their start, or still have the energy at the end to push through, they could come away with a medal. I expect Kings Canterbury to be up with Eton and Westminster at the start with Kingston and Kings Chester to be about a length down. Once Kingston settle into their rhythm however, then they will come up and with a strong push in the middle, they could be up and ahead of everyone. However Eton and Westminster (especially) could counteract this and stay ahead. I do expect Kings Canterbury to do the same but I’m not sure how effective their push will be. Any other information I will happily use so please inform us. WJ168+ to come next!

  • random

    guys he has his own stuff to do be reasonable he has a life

  • Monty

    Loving all your reviews! Will you be covering any J15 events?

  • I❤️rowing

    What a weak preview!
    Not many of the big/quick schools fours mentioned (st. Paul’s, latymer, london oratory, Hampton, Borlase)

    • I❤️rowing

      Also no 1st VIIIs preview but WJ168+! Like really?

      • Hi, I’m sorry that you feel this way but for the fours we really haven’t had much to work from as there have been only two races which can give us an idea as to who is contesting for the medals. When St. Pauls etc haven’t raced a four yet this season it is impossible to know how fast they will be as they aren’t always very good at transferring their speed from the eight over to the four. The WJ16 8+ is coming this evening and I have left it out as I’m still not finished with it as I am trying to work out exactly who is likely to come where as there are also very few indicators. Thank you for your feedback and I hope the next preview is up to your standards, but you must understand we do this while working around exams, revision and our own preparation for this weekend. Therefore it is difficult to keep on top of as there is only the two of us. All the best, JuniorRowing

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your feedback. As the editor, I’ll make sure that 1st VIII’s is out this evening. The J16 comments will be noted and passed on.


  • Aaron

    Great reviews so far!
    Will there be a 1st fours preview?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try my very best to get round to it.


      • Aaron

        Thanks, I know it’s not the most prestigious event but it’ll be interesting to see how the smaller clubs fare.

  • John

    Hi there,
    Good job with all the reviews, much appreciated by all.
    Could you please do one on the j16 4+?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll speak to my J16 correspondent and let you know.


  • Ben

    I think you have confused the race at wallingford as being the J164- when in fact the race you just described between eton, westminster and kings chester was in fact the J164+

    • Hi Ben,
      No I understand that at Wallingford it was j164+ and it was the same at jirr, and so I have based those results as they are unlikely to change too much just because of the absence of their coxes. Thank you for your feedback though and I hope this makes sense! JuniorRowing