National Schools Regatta 2014 – J164- Preview


The coxless fours this year are predominantly made of combinations from the eights. Therefore races will be fast, competitive and tough. The only real indications for this race are: Wallingford Regatta and JIRR. So my crews to qualify this year:

  • Westminster
  • Eton
  • Kings Chester
  • Kings Canterbury
  • Kingston RC

The first three are our ‘Wallingfords’ and the rest had impressive results at JIRR. Westminster were down at 1000m with Eton just under a second up. Kings Chester stayed back throughout and were 7 seconds off the pace at the finish. From this we can take that Eton have a good middle 1000m while I expect Westminster are good finishers, similar to that of the Kiwi Pair. At JIRR, Kings Canterbury and Kingston were at each others necks all the way through with Kings Canterbury having quite a fast start. You could compare these two to Hampton and Sir William Borlase in the J16Ch8+, Hampton being Kings and Borlase being Kingston. If Kingston can improve their start, or still have the energy at the end to push through, they could come away with a medal. I expect Kings Canterbury to be up with Eton and Westminster at the start with Kingston and Kings Chester to be about a length down. Once Kingston settle into their rhythm however, then they will come up and with a strong push in the middle, they could be up and ahead of everyone. However Eton and Westminster (especially) could counteract this and stay ahead. I do expect Kings Canterbury to do the same but I’m not sure how effective their push will be. Any other information I will happily use so please inform us. WJ168+ to come next!