National Schools Regatta 2014 – J16G8+ Preview


First of the girls previews with quads, fours, doubles and pairs coming tomorrow. 

In my opinion, if all crews have continued improving at the same rate, the medalists should be pretty easy to predict. SHORR gave us a very good idea as to who stands where and there was 45 seconds between 3rd and 4th place. Another straight final for this event.

The King’s Schools, Chester

Place at SHORR: 1st

Kings Chester have continued their success and are in the exact same position they were last year, favourites. They have proved themselves over all the long distance by going unbeaten in their category (to my knowledge) all season. At SHORR they were a good 25 seconds ahead of 2nd place Hinksey Sculling School. The order has changed a little with some of bow pair moving into middle four but the order and crew are fairly similar. I think that within their age group, these girls are potentially some of the best sweep rowers in the country which is why their eight works so well together. Kings Chester for the win.

Hinksey Sculling School

Place at SHORR: 2nd

This is a crew which is this season new to the eight. However, that is what makes there current position all so impressive. The fact that they have come from no where to being one of the top girls eight in their age group in one season is very very impressive. However, I fear that they’re inexperience may work against them as Durham could come head to head with them. I think if Durham are anywhere near them in that final, they need a good push to ensure that they get away. If this happens then I think Hinksey should take silver.

Durham ARC

Place at SHORR: 3rd

Something that we picked up on from last year at NSR was that Durham were just losing it in the second half. I think this will be something the girls will have worked on though, trying to improve their general stamina. We saw that their energy was being better conserved from their result at SHORR so I expect to see an improvement in their second half. Do I think that they can beat Hinksey? Yes, but only if they can hold it together in the final 1000m. Do I think they can beat Kings Chester? No, I think Kings will stride it out from the start and lead the whole way.

I did notice that the lane draw shows St. Edwards to be in one of the middle lanes. These lanes are normally left for the crews that the committee expect to win the medals. Therefore their maybe a chance of a medal for them.

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