National Schools Regatta 2014- Championship Girls Coxless Fours

My preview…

I’m going to write a paragraph as opposed to individual sections as the entry list isn’t that high.

Headington School make up half of the CHG8+, with the other part racing in CHG4x. These girls are probably my favourites to take the prize as they are just so dominant in every category, particularly sweep. They have some world class athletes and the system is so strong that it attracts the top girls, both domestically and abroad, every single year. Lady Eleanor Holles will still be nursing the bruises from Wallingford a few weeks ago but I expect this four to be very quick. They have the excellent Amy Polglase onboard and I think they’ll be a crew than can stand up to Headington, although I would still expect the latter to take the win. LEH can challenge for medals though.  Kings School Chester ‘A’ also look a good bet for speed. This crew is half of the CHG8+ that has really stepped on over the past few months and I expect their new-found speed to transfer across to a four. KCH have a really promising women’s squad, with their J16 group very dominant in their respective categories and I think the J18’s can actually medal this weekend. Bedford Girls School have stacked their four and, going off the fact that they’ve chosen not to boat an eight, I can only presume that this along with their CHG2x are their top boats. Lottie Bruce is involved although I’m a little surprised  that Robyn Armstrong isn’t racing in the four. One last call for speed is St Georges College, who I have a funny feeling will be quite quick. They have the Gannon sisters onboard, of whom Fionnuala came second in WJ181x at Wallingford Regatta. They have a pretty strong girls eight and I think they could be quick. A dark horse.

Good luck to all competitors!

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