The Fawley Challenge Cup 2014- Entries

A hugely oversubscribed entry, as ever with the Fawley, and the standard is higher than the previous two years. All of the big players are involved along with some strong foreign opposition from Germany, Canada, South Africa and the USA. I’ve already briefly taken a look at Rondebosch and individual previews will be released on the foreign entrants over the next week or so. 

With the pre-qualifiers released on Sunday after Marlow Regatta, it’ll be interesting to see how many crews the Stewards pre-qualify and which ones are given the lucky bypass ticket. 

This looks set to be an absolutely cracking event and I personally can’t wait for it to get started.

My bets for the 8 ‘seeded’ crews are as follows:

Sir William Borlase School

Westminster School


Grange School

Leander Club

Ridley College, Canada

Malvern Preparatory School ‘A’, USA

Rondebosch Rowing Club, South Africa

  • Joshua

    The Temple Challenge Cup??

    • Hi,

      Thanka for your feedback. Are you looking for a prediction on the Temple Challenge Cup? If so, head over to in a week or so and he’ll have something comprehensive.

      For the record, I fancy Oxford Brookes ‘A’.


  • mark

    What about the German entry?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback. After extensive research, it doesn’t appear that they’ve entered a quad into any of the main German regatta’s. They’ve entered a number of eights, fours and pairs and recorded good results at Munich International Regatta but they don’t have the pedigree to match the other predicted seeds.

      I’ll do an individual preview of Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania von 1869 e.V. over the next week.