The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014- Entries

So it begins. Henley Royal Regatta 2014 is just around the corner and the junior events are bustling with a great entry number along with a very high standard of competition.

The Princess Elizabeth, dominated by Abingdon School in recent years, sees a healthy 38 entries, 5 more than last year. We’re also graced by the presence of crews from the USA, Germany and Canada which adds another dynamic to an already fascinatingly poised domestic scene.

I’ll release information on the foreign crews over the next few days but if you want to know anything specific then please don’t hesitate to email me at

My bets for the selected crews




St Edwards

Brunswick School, USA

Shawnigan Lake School, Canada

Montclair High School, USA

Ratsgymnasium Osnabrück, Germany


  • David

    Montclair were 6th in the recent nat finals,12 seconds behind Gonzaga on a1500m course. Shawnigan had a very good crew last year that won CSSRA but they were a distant 6th this year. Brunswicks results are OK but not stellar. Maybe more Brit crews should be selected??

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your feedback. The Montclair crew you are referring to are actually ineligible for the PE as some of them are over 18. Shawnigan had a very late crew change before their national championships and still managed a final placing.


  • domvasey

    Do you not think that Ratsgymnasium Osnabrück would get a seed instead of KCS Wimbledon?