HRR Previews and Regatta Radio

A word on Marlow Regatta. Northwich looked superb in taking the J184x prize and, with their full strength line-up at HRR, I have little doubt that they’ll be one of the crews to beat.

Borlase turned on the style to win Elite Quads although their time was a second slower than Northwich. With a crew change, it’ll take a little while to embed the finer details but I view them as favourites approaching Henley.

Moving towards Henley, we’re approaching the biggest week in the British Rowing calendar and we’re all going into over-drive in an attempt to preview the junior events. If anyone has any information/results about/relevant to their crew that they would be willing to pass on then please email me at I’ve already received a number of valuable contributions and these are very useful in building comprehensive profiles on the crews.

Additionally, I’m working closely with Regatta Radio to ensure their information is accurate. I can pass on any info to R&R who will use it during the regatta. 

Thanks- previews will start appearing tonight.


  • Sam

    Will you be doing a Marlow international review?

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your feedback. If there is a demand for one then I will try to write one this evening.


      • Sam

        Maybe just j18 and elite quads if you don’t have time please? (Love your blog btw, keep it up)