Ratsgymnasium Osnabrück- The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


Christoph Lehmann


  1. Jannis Andrae
  2. Justus Dauer
  3. Lukas Frederichs
  4. Tobias Kicker
  5. Ulrich Mohme
  6. Jan Vincent Otte
  7. Jonathan Reitenbach
  8. Marcel Teckemeyer

C. Marie- Christin Lehmann

Recent Results

Winners of the Student-Aft cup held at the Wedau International Regatta in May

Additional Information

The Student-Aft Cup is a program supported by the Caspar Ludwig Oplander Foundation whereby the winner of the prestigious prize are sent to race at Henley Royal Regatta in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. Poelchau Oberschule won this event last year and they were a pretty strong crew so don’t be surprised to see Ratsgymnasium Osnabrück featuring on the Friday. The crew were also invited on a weekend training camp at the national German rowing performance centre, where they met the German national VIII. 

Coach Christoph Lehmann commented on the Ratsgymnasium website saying “We learned a lot from the pros and take away a lot, particularly the students who have raved about the intensive talks with the world champions and Olympic champions. This motivates the boys immensely… This is the icing on the cake and the anticipation is huge”. 

My Prediction

A good crew although they don’t look like a particularly big unit, which is significant in an eight. I think they’ll be quick as you have to be to win the Roller Cup but I think they’ll do well to make the Friday. 

This photo was taken from- http://www.deutschlandachter.de/index.php/news/574/64/Osnabruecker-Ratsgymnasium-am-RLZ-Dortmund-Das-motiviert-die-Jungs


  • guest

    Looks like Radley and King’s Chester defied your prediction, with SPS, KSC, PAN, and RAD all beating King’s Wimbledon (5th place from NSR) by a quite a way…what do you think? Will you be sharing your thoughts on 8+ or just the 4x if you do a Marlow review.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll write a brief review this evening.