Eton College- The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


Alex Henshilwood


  1. Hugo MacMillan
  2. Henry Shalders
  3. Alex Barakat
  4. Charles Thurston
  5. Ludvid Ljungstrom
  6. Alex Lindsay
  7. James Goble
  8. Francois Gouws

C.  Ben Sprague

Recent Results

1st place at Wallingford Regatta in J18 8+

4th place at the Schools Head of the River

2nd place at National Schools in CH8+

Additional Information

The transformation of Eton College’s top crew this year is remarkable; they’ve shown fantastic pace throughout the year along with very good consistency [a factor that appears to be missing from the championship eight’s category this year]. Their silver medal at National Schools will only have partially satisfied Alex Henshilwood though and he’ll have been disappointed to see Abingdon, Eton’s vanquishers in the Princess Elizabeth Cup last year, beat them to the prize. They have a number of excellent athletes along with a very fast second eight [watch out for these at the Temple Challenge Cup qualifiers] while Alex barakat and Charles Thurston have both been invited to GB Final Trials in July. Henshilwood’s affinity with the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup is a mysterious thing and the purchase of the Hudson Ultimate Super Predator will aid Eton in their quest for glory.

My prediction

After a few years trudging along in Abingdon’s wake, Eton will be looking to exact revenge. I think they have the potential to make the Sunday; AH will have emphasised the importance of this event within their training program and I can see them being one of the top British crews.

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