Hampton School- The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


Neil Double


  1. Ben Mackworth
  2. Douglas Chesterton
  3. Tim Nugent
  4. Robin Kerr
  5. Christopher Zahn
  6. William Crossley
  7. Jens Clausen
  8. Robert Fearn

C. Sam Collier

[I’m not 100% sure if this is accurate but it carries the base of the top crew]

Recent Results

7th place at the Schools Head of the River in CH8+

3rd place at National Schools in Ch8+

Additional Information

This Hampton crew have had one of the most tubulent seasons I’ve witnessed in junior rowing. Having lost no fewer than four international standard athletes last year, they were heavily hit by the disastrous flooding earlier in the year which hampered their winter preparation. Following a pretty poor showing at the Schools Head of the River, they failed to make the final of J18 8+ at Wallingford but improved at Bedford to win IM2 8+. Their performance at National Schools was rather unexpected; they were gifted an easier semi-final but their row in the final appeared so confident. They have a rather fractious  relationship with Henley following a series of disappointing performances when expectation was high. There won’t be many out there betting for a Hampton win, which could work in their favour.

My Prediction 

Do I think Hampton can win the event? It is unlikely as I don’t think they have the fire-power this year but they’ll be a hard crew to beat. Athletes such as Tim Nugent will be key to pushing this eight on. I think Friday is a realistic aim for these guys.

This photo was taken from- http://www.hamptonschool.org.uk/The-School/Sport/Sports-(1)/Rowing.aspx