Malvern Preparatory School ‘B’- The Fawley Challenge Cup 2014


Craig Hoffman

Crew Names

  1. Mark Chakejian
  2. Wally Koch
  3. Sean Ward
  4. Nick Conduit

Recent Results

4th place in Freshman Quads at Scholastic Rowing Association of America Championships

2nd place in Freshman Quads at Stotesbury Regatta

3rd in Freshman Quads at Philadelphia City Championships

Additional Information

For a ‘B’ crew, these guys look like a handy unit. They’ve racked up some decent results through the season considering they are a freshmen crew and I think they stand a good chance of qualifying. Having said that, they’ll struggle against some of the top crews required to qualify and it will be a tight run thing. I put them in my preview as I thought it best to release the information I have on the foreign crews first so people can get used to the pedigree of entry.

My Prediction

I think it will be a job well done to qualify. Should they qualify, I can’t see them getting any further than the Wednesday.

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  • mark

    How old are freshman crews? I read online somewhere that they are the equivalent of J15 which seems ridiculous as I don’t think any J15 crews could qualify for fawley.

    Are you sure this B crew is just their freshman crew and not a mix of freshmen and older athletes ?