Radley College- Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


John Gearing 


  1. Charlie Bevan
  2. Louis Brassard
  3. Miles Rowse
  4. Ed Varney
  5. Robbie Wendin
  6. Charles Elwes
  7. Alex Ball
  8. Edward Rees

C.  Sean Gearing

Recent Results

3rd place at the Schools Head of the River in CH8+

5th place at Wallingford Regatta in J18 8+

6th place at National Schools in CH8+

3rd place at Marlow Regatta in IM1 8+

Additional Information

Radley are famed for their Henley spurt and this year looks to be no exception- at Marlow their crew looked as if it had really turned on the engines as they put good distance between themselves and a couple of other good junior crews i.e. St Pauls, KCS Wimbledon and Kings School Chester. Their performance at National Schools was not as sharp as I expected but they look very strong coming into Henley despite a surprise defeat to Pangbourne College at Reading Regatta. They raced a 5:53 on Saturday, only 6 seconds slower than Brookes second VIII, so I expect them to be quick approaching Henley. Charles Elwes, with his monstrous 6:04 2k ergo score, will be key to their success.

My Prediction

I think these boys have the potential to make the Friday; anything after this would be a huge achievement. 

This photo was taken from http://www.radley.org.uk/RowingCentreRevisedPlans.aspx


  • Stuart

    * Brookes 3rd VIII