Montclair High School- The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


  1. Abe Kolko
  2. Matias Hahn
  3. Nathan Pollack
  4. Janek Bielski
  5. James Wisniewski
  6. Eli Pimpao
  7. Jonathan Silverman
  8. Joseph Michalitsianos

C. Isabella Corriere

Recent Results

3rd at Stotesbury Regatta

5th at Scholastic Rowing Assocation of America

5th at National Schools Championship

Additional Information

This crew were dominant at Junior Varsity Level last year and so stepped up to Varsity this year [imagine Child Beale and Championship- it is a similar system in the USA]. All 8 rowers have returned and they’ve achieved pretty good success at Varsity level, with the above results. Speaking to an expert from the US, they are probably a Friday crew at best as many of the top US junior crews are from clubs and thus ineligible to race in the PE. This crew are the first eight to be sent from Montclair following a girls four in 2009 and a boy’s quad and pair in 2011. “It’s a great opportunity to test ourselves against the best youth rowers in the world,” Hahn said. “Regardless of the result, it will undoubtedly be an incredible experience.”

My Prediction

I can’t see these boys getting past the Thursday to be honest- the PE is full of very talented British crews which makes it hard for foreign crews.

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