Northwich Rowing Club- The Fawley Challenge Cup 2014


Jed Barlow

Crew Names

  1. Finnian Lawton- Made GB final trials last year, one of two members to retain a seat in the boat following their win at the British Championships in U194x during October
  2. Zak Trigg- The other member to retain a place following their win at the British Championships in U194x during October
  3. Leon Langmead- Only member of quad who is trialling for GB this year, highly talented all-round athlete
  4. Alex Bain- Moved to Northwich from Royal Chester in September, made the final of CH1x at National Schools

Recent Results

3rd place at the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head in J184x

2nd place at Wallingford Regatta in J184x

1st place at Nottingham City Regatta in J184x

3rd place at National Schools Regatta in CH4x

2nd place at Metropolitan Regatta in J184x

1st place at Marlow Regatta in J184x

Additional Information

Northwich are probably the underdog success story of the season. Following their strong J17 season last year, they shocked us all by beating Sir William Borlase, Evesham and Gloucester Hartpury to the U19 Pennant at the British Championships in October before recording very strong results throughout the winter. Their summer season has seen them go from strength to strength under the watchful eye of Jed Barlow, a volunteer who has rowed and coached at Northwich for over 40 years. He recently coached Ed Grisedale (now in the Oxford Brookes 1st Eight) and still coaches Lucy Burgess [a GB U23 international]. The club is on the Weaver and they have a 2.5 km stretch of river between two locks. Moving towards Henley, they look like the dark horses for the Fawley Cup. Their time in the final of J184x, with a ‘weakened’ crew, was a second quicker than Borlase in Elite Quads and this shows just how strong these boys are.

My Prediction

Although Borlase, Westminster and Ridley all look very good, I think we could see a surprise from Northwich. I think we will see them on the Saturday, presuming they don’t come up against Borlase on the Friday, and they could well be a finalist standard crew.

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