Shrewsbury School- The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 2014


Athol Hundermark


  1. Alex Powell
  2. George Patterson
  3. Toby Thomas
  4. Will Angell James
  5. Moritz Bensel
  6. Ulrik Cappelen
  7. Niall Barrow
  8. Will Dodson Wells

C. Charles Clarke

Recent Results

Fastest School Eight at North of England Head in March

4th place at Metropolitan Regatta in C Final of Challenge Eights

3rd place at Wallingford Regatta in J18 8+

Additional Information

Despite having no big names in terms of athletes, Hundermark has produced a very strong crew that appears to be gaining speed. Toby Thomas and George Patterson have received invites to GB Final Trials and the crew narrowly missed out on the Championship Eight final at National Schools. They didn’t race at Marlow despite entering but word is that they’ve gained speed since National Schools. Hundermark’s distinctive technique has begun to show in Shrewsbury’s style and he’ll be hoping to produce strong results at Henley. Having won the Princess Elizabeth twice with Abingdon School, AH knows how to win at that level and his crew look pretty strong. They have a strong J16 contingent so watch out for them in the next few years.

My Prediction

Although Shrewsbury probably aren’t a potential winner of the competition, I can see them challenging a few of the top eights. I think the Friday would be a good achievement for these guys as they have the potential to upset a few established crews.

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  • David

    KCS beat these guys at Henley last year if I remember right and again at NSR just a few weeks back. Maybe they should get a mention too???

  • Guest1

    What about King’s School Chester’s result from Marlow?

    • Hi,

      THanks for your feedback. I believe they finished 1st in the ‘B’ final of IM1 8+- a good result and I’m going to look at them very soon.