The Fawley Challenge Cup Qualifiers 2014

I’ll list the crews that I believe will qualify.

Claire’s Court A

A strong crew with goods pedigree in this event. They finaled at Wallingford Regatta and raced well at Marlow, making the ‘A’ final. Surprised they didn’t merit pre-qualification.

Henley Rowing Club ‘A’

A crew with parts of the successful J16 crew from earlier in the year. Leon Redman is involved and his experience will be key to driving these boys on.

Maidenhead Rowing Club

Although these boys ended up in the ‘D’ final, their time was comparable with that of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ finals- Ben Gray will be important in driving this crew on.

Marlow Rowing Club 

Alex Haynes and co. A talented bunch who raced well at Nottingham City, National Schools and Marlow Regatta- they are one of the favourites to qualify.

Molesey Boat Club ‘A’

A crew that has stepped on from some good results at J16 level last year. Very powerful unit with two guys who made the CH2x final at National Schools.

Norwich Rowing Club

Steven Parsonage, the fastest junior sculler in the country, drives this crew on with some decent lads around him, including J171x finalist Seb Matthews.

Rondebosch Rowing Club, South Africa

One of two foreign crews required to qualify. A pretty poor showing at Marlow, making the C final, and their title as national U19 Coxed Quad champions has come under fire. They’ll be looking to redeem themselves.

Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe ‘A’ 

A decent unit who are helped by having a very strong ‘B’ quad to train with- although the ‘B’ quad made the B final at Marlow ahead of the A quad, the A quad beat their time in the final by 5 seconds.

Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe ‘B’ 

The winners of J164x at National Schools and potential names for the future. They’ve shown good form year with a group of decent scullers- I think they’ll qualify.

Star and Arrow Club

‘A’ finalists at Marlow Regatta, demonstrating the strength in depth of Leander’s junior development program despite some question marks surrounding the validity of the timing system at Marlow. The Star & Arrow boat missed out on qualification last year- they’ll be keen to avoid a similar fate.

Star Club ‘A’ 

A crew who have raced Henley a few times over the past few years. Had a poor showing at Marlow due to problems at the end of the Time Trial but they have the speed to see them through.

The Windsor Boys’ School ‘A’

If this is the White twins entry then these boys will be looking to lay down a marker and show their speed. They were lacking an edge earlier in the season but they looked good at Marlow.

Wallingford Rowing Club ‘A’ 

These guys made the final of Reading Amateur Regatta and lost out to the Leander first crew- they’ve got a few decent athletes and I think they’ll make the cut.

Warrington Rowing Club

A crew that has been around the junior quad scene for a few years now. They looked good at Nottingham City and National Schools Regatta, finishing 10th in the qualifier.

Let me know what you think by commenting below- I’ll release a few more bits for qualifiers either tonight or tomorrow.

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