Westminster School Boat Club- The Fawley Challenge Cup 2014


Bill Mason

Crew Names

  1. 1. Will Moss
  2. 2. Oskar Ulvestad- Member of National Schools winning 1st Four in 2013
  3. 3. Sam Meijer- 6:04 2k ergo score in April, member of gold medal winning JM4x at Munich International Regatta
  4. 4. Cameron Kerr- Member of Westminster ‘A’ quad last year, won a gold medal at National Schools in CH2x with crew-mate Sam Meijer

Recent Results

2nd place at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head in J184x

1st place at Schools Head of the River in J4x

1st place at National Schools Regatta in CH4x

Additional Information

For Westminster, the pinnacle of their season is National Schools. Their victory in the CH2x and CH4x was very, very special for the crew and coach and, when I briefly spoke with Cam Kerr, he emphasised the importance of National Schools to their season. It’ll be fascinating to see what additional speed Westminster have drawn out of their crew as they’ve chosen not to race at Reading or Marlow. Sam Meijer recorded possibly a first for a junior earlier in the season by finishing in the top 5 at the three major head events; Pairs Head [4th], Scullers Head [5th] and Fours Head [3rd in a composite with Imperial College BC]. I think Westminster will be quick and I’ll be interested to see if they’ve retained the necessary speed to compete with the likes of Borlase and Northwich. They have a very strong J16 contingent so the future is bright [their J16CH8+ has been pre-qualified for the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup]

My Prediction

Westminster just haven’t seemed to click at Henley over the past three years; they’ve had exceptional crews that haven’t made it past the Friday in the last two years. This year could be different though; the crew aren’t setting themselves any expectations but I feel they’ll have it tough to get past the Saturday, if they make it there.

This photo was taken from- http://www.britishrowing.org/news/2014/march/27/schools%E2%80%99-head-successful-despite-stormy-conditions

BIGBLADE SCH_14_00934 •53 Westminster J4x (byline BigBlade)