The Grange School- The Fawley Challenge Cup 2014


Matt Jump

Crew Names

  1. Scott Ozsanlav Harris- Won February GB Trials in a double with Alex Haynes and has received invite to GB final trials, won a bronze medal at National Schools in CH2x with older brother and crew-mate, Luke
  2. Benjamin Holt- J16, 19th at GB junior trials in February, pushing crew on
  3. Connor Gay- very capable crew member, strong with good ergo scores
  4. Luke Ozsanlav Harris- won a bronze medal at National Schools in CH2x with younger brother and crew-mate, Scott

Recent Results

2nd place at Nottingham City Regatta in J184x

4th place at National Schools Regatta in CH4x

3rd place at Marlow Regatta in J184x

Additional Information

Since the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head, where this crew finished tenth, Grange have shown a marked improvement to push themselves into the upper echelons of junior quads. They have the two Ozsanlav Harris brothers onboard along with two talented guys in the middle of the boat and the crew rows very well together. They recently borrowed/purchased a reverse wing riggered Hudson for National Schools, before racing in a conventionally rigged Empacher at Marlow. I’m not sure which boat they’ll use at Henley but they looked sharper in the Hudson. Nonetheless, it is good to see Grange put together a strong junior quad; the potential has been there for years and Matt Jump has finally unlocked it by integrating two very good athletes, in the form of Conor Gay and Benjamin Holt, to complement the strength and tenacity of Scott and Luke.

My Prediction

I think these boys will be seeded and I then expect to see them progress to the Friday. The strength of the Fawley cup this year makes progress past this point difficult so it’ll be interesting to see what they can do. I think they’ll make the Friday.