Reading Small Boats Head 2014- J18 Preview

Names are in no particular order…


J18 4x-


Oratory had some decent results last year in their eight. I expect them to be on good form but it will be interesting to to see how they fair in the quad with the switch to sculling. Hinksey are notoriously good all rounders, with two members qualifying through the J16 GB Potential Camp. They could be fast, however I wouldn’t put money on them to take the win. Radley are also good all rounders, but do fair better in the eights, I’m unsure as to whether this boat will be made up of their ‘A’ squad as such. If so, they’d be favourites for the win.

J18 4+

Reading Blue Coat

KGS had a decent four last season which did relatively well in the first fours category at NSR and Schools Head. While they haven’t competed yet this season, I think they could be quick. Radley again also have always had a good sweep squad but it will depend as to whether the boat is made up of people being placed in the first eight. Reading Blue Coat had a decent J16 1st eight last year who were good over the long distances. Depending on what their fitness levels are, they could come out on top, however they are likely to be made up predominately of J17s.

J18 2x


Only three crews in this event. The Reading boat is a fairly well established double and I hope they should make relatively easy work of their competition.

J18 2-

KGS Hillier
Reading Blue Coat

KGS had a few decent J16 pairs last year at NSR, but it would appear crews have changed, with the introduction of Luke Hillier who is notoriously good in the small boats (Hampton Small Boats J16 1x winner 2013). They were also very fast in the semi of J16 1st 8+ at NSR, setting a course record, to then come 4th in the final. Pangbourne should also be fast, after having an impressively fast 1st eight last year. If this is taken from the A squad, I’d tip them for the win. Reading Blue Coat are of course also well established in eights, but it will be interesting to see how well they transfer the speed to the pair.

J18 1x

Henley x2

The Henley crews are well known for in the J17 world, as at one point they were the equivalent to their female counterparts. Roy is normally faster that Farley with a decent placing at the J16 GB Potential Camp trials. St Edwards, of course also are well known, with the final place at HRR this year. However I am unsure if this sculler is from the first eight.