The Fullers Fours Head of the River 2014 – J18 4+ Crew Preview – Abingdon School

An interesting selection of crews entered into this year’s Four’s Head lineup, not the least in the J18 coxed fours event, with a mixture of ‘A’ and ‘B’ crews all competing to win one of the best prizes of any competition in the rowing season: a medal ceremony in the Fullers brewery.

Here it is: part 2 of my Four’s Head reviews. The focus of this article is the J18 coxed four entered by Abingdon, arguably the dominant force in junior rowing for the last three years. However, after their loss on the Saturday of Henley at the hands of Eton, and the loss of their coach, Dave Currie, many people are saying that their influence is fast disappearing. However all of this is just smoke in the wind at the moment, as this will be their first major event on British waters this season, and will give us a good idea of where they really stand.

The crew entered next weekend is made up of Templeman, Screaton, Blackwell, Townley and Farwell (cox to bow). Looking at all of Abingdon’s entries I would probably go as far as saying this is their ‘B’ crew, given their entry into the IM2 4+ event contains all the returners of last season’s CH8+, and their entry in to the J18 4x- is made up of a new name, one of last season’s J16s, one of last season’s ¬†second eight members, and one of last season’s J15s; whereas all of the names listed for the J18 coxed four, with the exception of Templeman, were members of Abingdon’s second 8+ from last season, which claimed the silver spot at the National Schools’ Regatta.

Templeman himself coxed Abingdon’s J16 CH8+, which finished fifth (out of eight) at the Schools’ Head, and last in their semi-final by a fair way at NSR, therefore failing to final.

As I had said before this is Abingdon’s first major event on British water, and they didn’t compete at the Head of the Charles. However they are competing tomorrow (Sunday 26th October) in the Head of the Schuylkill, over in the States, in the High School Varsity Eights event in two crews. Blackwell is rowing in their ‘A’ crew, and being coxed by Templeman, while Screaton, Townley and Farwell have been placed in the ‘B’ crew. This might disprove my theory about which are their first, second and third fours, but I will stand by what I said until I am told otherwise.

Speaking of being told things, if anyone would like to ask me any questions or if they have any information on any of the crews I am reviewing, you can find me on Twitter @therowingjesus.

These boys have no lack of experience, and I expect a top ten performance from them, but I doubt they will be challenging for the top spots.


The Rowing Jesus