Hampton Small Boats Head 2014 – W. JSch 2x Preview

This is obviously a much harder race to predict, since you can only see one of two names on the draw. Consequently, I will have to base all of my predictions on the name of the stroke woman, and the presumption of the bow woman. Why am I telling you this, you ask? This is me making excuses, that’s why.

Anyway, I digress. Personally I can only see four possible crews that could take the win. The first of this quartet is the Eton Excelsior double, stroked by Emma Moores. If this was crewed by two athletes of Emma’s capabilities I would expect them to be hot contenders for the gold, however, Eton only entered Emma in to the Early ID trials, and I would presume her partner remains unchanged from the Pairs’ Head of the River, where she raced as a WIM1 2x with a woman by the surname of Hatfield, where they came 8th out of 9. I don’t think they will be pushing for the win, but we should keep them in mind as the possible underdogs.

The second potential crew is the one from Latymer, stroked by Kate Woolley. Just the stroke girl herself is impressive enough, an 18th place finish in Boston would be plenty to impress, but should she be combined with Georgia Hellard Timm, a detailed analysis of whom you can find on my W. JSch 1x preview, then they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Thirdly, the pair from Surbiton, stroked by Lola Anderson, one of the top performers at Early ID, again a detailed analysis of whom you will find on my earlier article, is bound to be a quick crew. If I were a betting man, and since it is essentially my job to be one, I would say that Lola will be being paired with her club mate by the name of Scott. This combination finished 2nd at the Pairs’ Head, ahead of the top Latymer combination, and should be very fast, but will they be fast enough.

The fourth and final of my possible victors is the combination from¬†Marlow, with Heidi Long in the stroke seat, a member of last year’s coxless four that competed at the Junior World Championships. I have had confirmation that the other member of this crew is indeed Rosalind Wilson, my predicted winner for the W. JSch 1x and the highest placed woman at Early ID in the competition, and I am just going to predict a certain amount of domination by this crew.

So that’s Marlow in first, Surbiton in second and Eton Excelsior and Latymer fighting it out for third.


The Rowing Jesus