Hampton Small Boats Head 2014 – W.J17.2x Preview

Another event with a small number of entries, but one that should hopefully produce some high-quality sculling and close racing. Again, I must note that only the strokeperson of each boat is visible on the draw, so my prediction is based off pure guesswork as to who the bowperson could be.


Eton Excelsior have two boats entered into this event. and these will be looking to do well. Eton Excelsior have in the past produced some very fast girl’s sculling boats, and these girls will be looking to continue that tradition. Last year, Purcell and De Speville raced in the J16 2x at National School’s, performing well but not quite making the semi-final. Iannaccone raced in the J16G4x on the same day, again performing well and being mere seconds off making the semi-final. More recently, Eton Excelsior fielded a quad for the WJun.4x at Four’s Head, performing well to come 6th; however, I can’t tell whether any girls in that boat will be racing tomorrow in the doubles; certainly Emma Moores, Excelsior’s premier junior single sculler, who finished 11th at the GB Early ID last weekend, will be racing in the J18 double. Indeed, it is just speculation attempting to work out who will make up the crews tomorrow – but Excelsior isn’t short of talent, and therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if their boats finished highly tomorrow.

Trent RC have fielded two boats – ‘Smith’ and ‘Gilbert.’ Two rowers under the name of ‘Smith’ as well as Gilbert raced in the J16G4x at National School’s, finishing fifth in the final; a strong performance and an excellent feat. With a strong background in sculling, I think both of these boats will be fast. With the addition of Lucy Fielding, a Trent sculler who placed 34th and GB Early IDs, I think that one of these two doubles could potentially win the entire event; again, it is impossible to say for certain which.

Maidenhead have a single entry under the name of Winterbottom. While I couldn’t find any results under that name, I imagine that this will be a quality entry, purely based on Maidenhead’s past sculling success; it is undoubted that it is a leading sculling club for Juniors – both male and female; however, last year at J16 level Maidenhead’s girls didn’t see a huge amount of success, and therefore I’m not anticipating a massively fast boat tomorrow. Finally, the Putney High School double of Heymamm and (likely) Ricceri could be one to look out for; they placed 13th at Pairs Head, and will have likely found some good boat speed in the buildup to Hampton SBH. Putney High are experiencing somewhat a shortage of senior rowers, but those who are continuing are at least likely receiving some pretty intensive coaching (as there aren’t many boats for coaches to look at!) and thus there is a possibility that these girls have really stepped on from their decent Pairs Head result.


My prediction is basically rather instinctual for this race: 1) Trent (either),  2) Eton Excelsior (Purcell),  3) Putney High School

Good luck to all crews!

Five Man

Five Man