Hampton Head 2015 – WJ18 2-

I am a little less familiar with the women’s crews than with the mens, so if I do get any of the crew names wrong, or make any false presumptions, please feel free to correct me on Twitter @therowingjesus.

Weybridge RC – Wheeldon

19th and 50th finishing positions respectively at Early ID showed their continued strength after some very good finishes at the National Championships at the back end of last season, bronze in the WJ4x- category. This, combined with a win at the Hampton SBH in the WJ18 2- by a huge 24 seconds would show they definitely aren’t restricted by their sculling heritage.

LEHBC – Hoyle

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t pick what I believe to perhaps be a club’s sixth string pair, I believe LEH has put out a WJ18 4- as their top boat, and a 4+ as their second, but with a current squad like LEH has at the moment these are most definitely not normal circumstances. Not a huge showing at the Early ID trials, but these girls can move boats: they took 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th at the Hampton SBH, in a field of 12. However it was the duo from Weybridge that took the win that day, and they look likely to do so again.

St George’s College – Gannon

This is a crew which I have a strong feeling is made up of twins, or close sisters, Nuala and Jo. The former came 22nd at Early ID, with the latter finishing 33rd. Combined with a 4th place finish at the Fours’ Head in the WJ18 4x-, it’s obvious these girls can shift a bigger boat, as well as a smaller one.

All things considered, Weybridge for the win, with St George’s in second and LEH coming in behind.

The Rowing Jesus