Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2015- J16 Events




This club has shown great strength in their J16 squad so far this season, with strong performances in small boats, most notably a win at the Pairs Head in J16.2x.


Sir William Borlase GS:

I believe that this is Borlase’s top J16 boat, since they have no entered a J16 eight in the Schools Head. We haven’t seen much from them yet, but I expect- considering the prowess Borlase have shown in quads in recent years- that they will be a sharp unit.



The Northwich J16 squad harbours much talent, and this was demonstrated at Hampton Head, where they came runners up in the quad. A podium finish is well within their grasp.


Windsor Boys School:

These boys came in 4th at Hampton Head; I don’t think they will medal but will still be hot on the heels of those that do considering the club’s historic success in sculling.


King’s School Worcester:

Off the back of a win at Wycliffe Head, King’s Worcester should show some speed come Tuesday.


Cannotieri di Monate:

This visiting Italian club is competing in the Schools Head also, and so the J16 crew, whom I believe are forming half of the club’s entry in CH8+, will no doubt be tired from the previous day’s racing, but also raring to go at the prospect of asserting their Italian flare. I do not think that they will medal, but they should give some more local crews a good run for their money.


My Prediction:

1) Northwich

2) Maidenhead

3) Sir William Borlase GS





These girls sculled to second place at Hampton Head and were only 5s away from the win; I expect a good performance from them on Tuesday.



The earlier part of this season foreshadows good things for this crew, like their male counterparts, they set down a good marker at the Pairs Head last year, coming second in W.J16.2x. Abbie Bird, their GB trialist, performed well on the Sunday of trials to come 4th in a composite double with Jennings from Emanuel.


One of the powerhouses of schoolgirl rowing, Headington look strong ahead of this event, with two doubles coming in the top ten at GB trials.



Another famous name in the circle of women’s junior rowing, Henley come into this event as favourites, having won the double at trials, with their second double coming 8th. I will be surprised if they do not take the win.



The winners of the W.J16.2x at the Pairs Head will be driving this boat on, so it would be a poor idea to count them out!


Eton Excelsior:

These girls came 3rd at Hampton Head and have performed decently in smaller boats; I don’t think they will finish in the top three, but they might surprise!



4th at Hampton, with some good stuff in small boats too, they should look to close the gap on Eton Excelsior, who beat them there by 15 seconds.


King’s Worcester:

Like their male counterparts, a King’s crew won their category at Wycliffe, and so look to be contenders.


My Prediciton:

1) Henley

2) Headington

3) Maidenhead