Pairs Head 2015 – WJ18 2x

The first major headrace on the Thames has arrived and I have the pleasure of covering the J18 women’s double sculls. With 28 crews entered and 11 of those crews having their clubs on this stretch on the Thames, there’s a lot to play for. Pairs Head is approximately 4,500m long, crews will be racing with the tide from Chiswick to Hammersmith, and these doubles with crewnumbers from 323 to 351 are the ones to watch. I believe steering is vital in this race as moving out of the current can cost you seconds and be the difference between coming first or coming fifth. Steering can give a massive advantage, and these girls will have to be concentrating hard if they’re going to really exploit the course.

Latymer Upper School
5 crews are entered from Laytmer Upper School and will have the advantage of racing on a river they know all too well: crew Essex and Wooley came 6th in Pairs Head last year and Sweeting and Von Stauffenberg are another very strong crew I predict will come in the top ten. Latymer have a strong program, and after some good results at Reading Small Boats Head and Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, they should be looking to put in a good result on their home stretch.
Marlow Rowing Club
Marlow have entered one double Webb and Devereux. Marlow have a history of producing very strong crews, on both the junior girls and boys side. Devereux came 7th in a single at GB trails, and although I cant find any information about Webb I think Marlow is going to be a force to be reckoned with, but only if they steer the race well being on unfamiliar water.
Henley Rowing Club
Henley have entered 2 very competitive crews: Morgan and Wiggins who came first in J16 GB trials in a double and Stimpson and Lister who both competed at GB vs France this year. Henley have previously shown they can dominate this stretch of water with Wiggins and Morgan being in the quad who came first at Fours Head, and I’d suggest that they could put in a seriously good result here. they’re strong – very strong – and may well be the ones to watch on Saturday to take the win.
Other notable crews
Thames Rowing Club, Emmanuel, and St Pauls are also from this stretch of the Thames so if they steer it right I predict they will come in the top 15. Similarly Lea Rowing Club. Madienhead, and Llandaff Rowing Club have also produced good results last year and could achieve well at Pairs Head.

I’m going to go with Henley Rowing Club in first and second. I might be sticking my neck out here, but they’re a force to be reckoned with in the junior rowing circuit and I fancy they’ll perform very well here. Morgan and Wiggins to take the win, with Stimpson and Lister in second. Third will go to Marlow Rowing Club.

Good luck to all crews racing , Steer well!


Five Man