Hampton Head 2016 – WJ16 4X

There are 15 crews entered for JW16 quads – some tough competitors entered so this Saturday will not be lacking intensity. Hampton Head is 3000m downstream so stamina and clean technique at a high pace are vital in this race. Not forgetting, of course, on a tight course like this steering is very important in shaving seconds off your time.


Headington are making a strong appearance on Saturday with 2 or more crews entered into the majority of events. For J16 quads they have entered 2 crews, which have performed well this season so far – most recently at Pangbourne Junior Sculls, achieving a competitive 3rd place, these crews will be in the running for top 3 on Saturday. Similarly Molesey have also achieved well so far this season with a win at Kingston Small Boats Head, they have shown they can handle a high paced race and will defiantly be fighting for top 3 on Saturday.


Putney High School have started this season becoming strong in the sculling side of junior rowing and are achieving many respectable results already. Scrambler who is in this quad came 17th at Pairs Head in October and if the development of this boat club and its athletes shows us anything its that they are going from strength to strength. I believe Putney will be a crew to watch out for on Saturday. Sir William Borlase also achieved a respectable 13th place at Pairs Head; these girls are showing they’re capable of handling any distance or conditions thrown at them. Borlase, with an impressive track record for junior rowing, may make they mark on what they want to achieve this year by making the top 3.


Nottingham and Emmanuel are other notable crews to watch out for on Saturday. 16 is generally seen as a sort of turning point in Junior Rowing in terms of skill and strength, so the outcome of this race could be very unpredictable. However I believe Headington have a good chance of achieving first place, though Molesey and Putney High School I think will be making them work for it.


Good luck to everyone racing!