Hampton Head 2016 – WJ18 2-

With many schools and clubs entering more than one crew here, so I’m going to try to guess which is their top crew is and compare. It is difficult to tell sometimes which boat is quickest if previous races have been in bigger boats, so I’m sorry if im incorrect in any of my assumptions.

Henley RC-Edwards

Leading this event, this pair has raced before and been successful, though arguably not to the same extent as these girls in bigger boat classes. They came 3rd at pairs head, and I can assume they were two of the eight pennant winners at Fours Head. This being said they have lost to other crews in this event, and may be pushed to secure first as easily as they usually do.

Mossbourne -Roe

These girls are a very strong pair, coming 2nd in Pairs Head, 13 seconds ahead of Henley, and Roe also came 2nd at National Schools in Champs 2- last year. I think they’re the favourites for Saturday, especially since Roe has been performing well in the GB trialling system this season, after a successful Summer racing for England at Home countries. Her partner is also involved in trials, and it’ll be exciting to see how they develop as a combination through the season.

LEH- Matthews

I cannot be certain this is LEH’s strongest pair, however ‘Matthews’ did come a respectable 58th at GB Early ID Trials in November, she was the second fastest LEH girl after ‘Giddy’ who doesn’t appear on this list. If these two are racing together, it is likely to be a fast combination with experience on the course. However ‘Kelly‘ and ‘Fjortoft‘ were both part of the LEH four that came 3rd at Fours Head, whereas Matthews was not. This leads me to believe all these pairs will be a similar speed over the course, and probably likely to all do well, but none fast enough to take the win.

Molesey BC- Wheeldon

Molesey has a strong junior squad this year, and Wheeldon is part of the new talent they’ve brought in, after racing in the England squad at Home Countries Regatta last Summer. A double called Wheeldon won at Kingston Head in November, and if this is the same combination they clearly have the strength, so it is just a case of transferring it into sweep which will determine their placing.

St Pauls Girls- Thomson and St Pauls Girls- Valt

This is another club where I cannot determine which is their ‘top pair’. A pair of Thomson/Valt raced together at Pairs Head, and did well coming 5th, but it seems they have been separated for this race. Valt was involved in GB trials earlier in the season, so if I were to hazard a guess I’d pick her pair over Thomson, but I think it’ll be a close call. With them both starting one after the other, it will be interesting to see if they can push their teammates on to finish with a decent overall placing.


1st Mossbourne, 2nd Henley, 3rd Molesey

Good Luck to all crews racing!