Head of the Trent 2016 – WJ18 4x

Head of The Trent will be a tough race for the quads racing; it’s a grueling 5700m and has some really tricky steering. It is, then, perfect practice for School’s Head and the Scullery. The weather for this weekend is looking positive with not much wind; it’s ideal for the crews racing to really show what they are made of.

York City
With a competitive 10th place at Fours Head, O Keefe and her crew could take the win this Saturday. They have shown they can handle a long distance and a tough course, and that they can perform under serious pressure. I’m sure this crew will be hoping for a strong time in the lead up to the next month of racing; junior girl’s quads is always a competitive event, with a number of squads that could theoretically take the win in the Summer. It’s important that these girls take the initiative early, and push for as many wins as they can rack up before the big guns do battle at NSR, and ultimately at Henley.

Trent showed they are pretty much in the top 15 female quads this season with 14th place at Fours Head. If they have had an effective winter they will be right on York’s back for the win this weekend. Whether they are experienced or not to push on into the second half of a race like Trent – something that a crew that’s aiming for the win will inevitably have to do – remains to be seen.

Oundle School
Oundle have two crews entered for this weekend, showing they’ve no detriment of strong female scullers. Oundle achieved 3rd place recently at Boston Head and were entered for Hampton Head, but unfortunately they didn’t actually race. They are, however, showing positive signs, and while they probably won’t be able to push for the win, they can certainly use this race as a stepping-stone in their preparations for School’s Head.

Stratford-Upon-Avon BC & Trentham BC
Though these two crews don’t make a common appearance in WJ18 quads, this race is perfect to make a mark. I’m interested to see what these two crews have to offer. Certainly Stratford-upon-Avon have actually recorded some pretty decent results over the years in junior girl’s rowing, which is impressive considering the size of the program.

York city to take the win, followed closely by Trent and Trentham BC to take third.

Good luck to all crews racing!